we're due this weekend and wanted to know if she takes castor oil how much should she take to help contraction

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Best thing to do to induce labour is to have sex or going walking. Not too much exercise, but just walking in a park or something should help, and spicy foods.


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    My advice would be to not take any. Let nature take it's course. If you do take castor oil (which I don't think there are really statistics to back up the old wives tale that it brings on labor) and you do go into labor then you will be having labor pains as well as stomach cramps from the castor oil and when you start to push other things besides the baby will come out. . . .not a pretty picture.

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    My midwife told me not to use castor oil because it can cause more harm than good. She gave me some safe methods that really work.

    Red Raspberry Leaf Tea: 6 cups a day with 2 bags each

    Sex : Sperm helps to ripen the cervix and induce labor

    Nipple Stimulation : it is best to use a breast pump for 20 minutes at a time several times a day but if you dont have one you or your partner can do it

    Walking : as much as you can tolerate

    Black or Blue Cohosh : use only the recommended dose because too much can be harnful

  • Unless you are under the care of a doctor, NO to castor oil. All you can do is wait for mother nature to say it is time. Even the castor oil does not always work and there are risks.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Actually from what I have read the Castor oil thing is a myth, the best ways to bring on labor is to have sex, and to stimulate the nipples.

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    Agrees with everyone else. Castor oil is a natural laxative. I wouldn't want to be on the birthing table with laxatives in my system!

    Try sex


    nipple stimulation


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    I took caster oil and I believe I took 4 ozs, but ask your midwife/doctor. It worked for me definately, but it was HELL. I was on the toilet (sorry don't mean to be gross) all night. Couple that with brutal contractions and it was sheer hell. If you are desperate, do not take too much. Try a little bit at first to see how you are going to react to it. Maybe try a couple of table spoons, rather than the huge dose they tell you to take. Some people react really well, others not at all.

    Please heed my advice...if you really really want to get things going than try it, but only a little at time, and expect to be shitting all night/day. If you aren't that desperate, jsut relax and enjoy the time that you have without a baby.

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    NONE! castor oil can lead to the baby have a bowel movement before birth and meconium is nasty.

    the baby will come when its ready. by trying to force it you can lead to all kinds of problems like immature lungs(duedates can be wrong).

    sex, the prostaglandins in sperm will help ripen and ready the cervix, but won't "induce" labor unless it really is time for it to happen.

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    I know she is probably miserable. I just went through the same thing only mine came six weeks early. I say the baby will come when its ready. Don't rush things. She will miss being pregnant. I know i was on bed rest for two months and was so sick and was miserable, but once that baby is here she will miss it. Trust me.

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    it's accually not good on her to use before giving birth... walking is good for her and yes ahving sex can help contractions... but tell her to relax and not stress to bad on having the baby this weekend because the baby will come when he/shes ready....

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