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The children's story Madeline?

What does DAN-ton mean??

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    That was when Dr. Cohn phoned the hospital about Madeline's appendix, right? The only thing I can think of is that it had to do with identification of the phone numbers. I think at one time letters were included as part of the phone number to identify the location of that particular phone number.

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    The children's story Madeline?

    What does DAN-ton mean??

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    Did Jesus rely? Do you mean really? Mary Mary Madeline? do you mean Mary Magdalene? Maybe you should rethink what you are asking. But give me a break!!!!!!!!! The Da Vinci Code is a fiction book, never meant to be anything else than fiction. Just like Browns book on Angels & Demons. Both good books but fiction. You better not read Stephen King if you cant tell the difference sweetie.

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    It's a phone number from back in the days when phone numbers had "exchanges" indicated by a series of letters, usually the first two or three of a name. Back in the 60's my parents phone was "GReenwood 2-4282. I can't believe I remember that !

    Ever heard of the song, "PEnnsylvania 6-5000"? Or the movie

    BUtterfield 8"? Phone numbers.

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    and he dialed: DANton-ten-six- "Nurse," he said, "it's an appendix!" ..."

    It is based on a French name. In the old days we made telephone numbers easy to remember with words or names of people. I grew up in Manitowoc where it was Murray 82. (682)

    Danton, Georges Jacques

    French revolutionary. Originally a lawyer, during the early years of the Revolution he was one of the most influential people in Paris. He organized the uprising 10 August 1792 that overthrew Louis XVI and the monarchy, roused the country to expel the Prussian invaders, and in April 1793 formed the revolutionary tribunal and the Committee of Public Safety, of which he was the leader until July of that year. Thereafter he lost power to the Jacobins, and, when he attempted to recover it, was arrested and guillotined.

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    Danton Ten Six

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