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What requirements must a rural/undeveloped area meet to receive a postal zip code?

In order to receive federal/state funding for a city or township they must have their own zip code. What are the requirements for an area to receive a zip code? (ie. population, location, etc.)

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    Your information is not correct; many towns and cities located adjacent to major cities do not have their own postal codes and receive federal funding. All areas of the nation are covered by zip codes, but the postal service will not add new ones unless there is enough population to warrant one. I worked in federal programs for many years and still do many grant applications. Have never been asked to have a specific zip code, zip codes are just for mailing address purposes.

    However, some grants do have population restrictions that could impact funding. For instance, in order to be a CDBG entitlement city, the community or area must have at least 50,000 in population, or much higher for an urban county. But I know of two cities near me that became entitlements, and while they have one zip code that is identified as their city, most of their population is under different zip codes for the major city surrounding them.

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    Population is the key; you must have a certain number of people to warrent a zip code, although you should have one, even if you are serviced by another office

    Source(s): www.usps.com
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