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I have been given a Violation Notice because I spoke out about Yahell's poor service?

I mentioned That people should switch to another chat client ie: Skype or Yahelite and somebody reported me for abuse (Spam & Advertisement ) let me know what you guys think.

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    Could depend on how you worded it... prob was just the person who happened along and saw it. You can actually go to the forum (button upper right side) and file a complaint under "Wrongful Violations and Suspensions" and they'll review it. People do just get ornery and and 'report happy'... if you don't think you deserve it, I'd do that because they will review it. And, if you're not happy here, whatever you do or don't do about that question, I'd just try another site... you might find something you like better... Good Luck!

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    People who report people are the biggest assholes of all

  • 1 decade ago

    people who report are ***** and they're probably a little 6th grader

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