can apply for cc online and get the cc numbers the same day so i can pay a bill?

or is there any other options i have

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  • 1 decade ago
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    nope...if you're strapped just call the company where the bill is due and make payment arrangements.

  • 1 decade ago

    No because the company does a credit pull on you to determine what they will offer you as far as an interest rate. Payday loans are very risky and they are rip offs. Call the creditor and tell them that you would like to make some payment or add the current bill to next months.

    I have done this before when my employer screwed up my direct deposit. My auto insurance could not be cancelled until it was 30 days dilinquent,my utility company forwarded my current balance to next month's bill without late fees, another personal loan that I had at the time was assessed a late charge of a few dollars, but they all were paid within two weeks.Most companies will work with you.Give them a try before you sell your left arm for a loan.A loan you will have to pay interest.You may be able to put the bills on hold or assess a small late charge (still significantly less than what you would pay on loan+interest) on some, but it will be the best option.

    If a company refuses to work with you, then consider dropping their service for poor customer relations.Explain to them that you must take your business elsewhere where it's valued.This will get management involved.Worst case scenario is you do go with another company.The benefit is most companies give you the option to be billed or pay up front.Even if this happens,you terminate relations, pay the bill when you can and go somewhere else.You have no loan,you win.

    Source(s): Personal experience with discover.I was late one day and they raised my interest rate from 7 to 23%.It was on the term of the contract, but I wanted them to give me exception of policy.They didn't. So I shopped around for a new company (CHASE). They offered me 0% for one year on balance transfers. I transferred my discover balance and terminated the account. Then they called me back two days later wanting my business. That time around it was me who said "NO"
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