How do you start a non-profit organization?

The organization is kinda started already. It's name is Earthcross, and it has a website, but there's nothing on it. The goal is to help the earth, hence the name Earthcross. I also need to know how to make it tax-deductible, and if you have any fundraising ideas, it would help alot. If you don't have an answer to all of these questions, i would still like to see your ideas :)

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    You will need to have a set of policies and procedures, a board of directors, a corporate seal, and go to your Secretary of State (for whatever state you are in), and apply for a not for profit corporation status. After you have done all that is required there, you will have to apply with the IRS and jump through all there hoops. I know, I did it. It takes a long time and is hard work Good luck YBIC

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    Just started a new non-profit after my brother died earlier this year, so here is what I did.

    1) you need to find out your state rules. I am in Ohio, so we had to create a non-profit corporation for the state of Ohio. You can usually get the information from the secretary of state for your state. You can link to yours from the National Association of Secretary of States:

    2) after you get registered as a corporation, you can register with the IRS for an EIN (employer Identification number). You can get that on at

    3) you need to get your papers in order and "prove" that your organization is really for non-profit purposes in order to achieve 501(c)3 status with the IRS. Once you have this status, it is a pretty strong indicator to people that they can take a tax write-off when they contribute to you. Download Publication 557 from --- it is a huge publication that shows how to do it.

    After you file with the state, try to get a domain name set up that is your organization so you can set up your own web site. I use and

    If you are going to set up events, make sure you start trying to get publicity as early as possible. Check with your local newspapers and tv stations, alot of them have free "event listings" for small non-profits. You can also publish press releases for free at:

    Fundraising ideas are all over. You can check out my site at You can also look at,/,/

    You can also get great fund raising ideas online. One of the cool ones I saw recently was a Corn Hole tournament for a dog shelter. It is a really cool can see them at

    Best of luck!

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