how do i remove an item from start up when i have completely uninstalled the program?

i installed weatherbug and it was messing my system up so i uninstalled it now when i restart my pc it still tries to open

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    Try going into services.msc or msconfig to see if it is still in there and remove it.

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    two quick ways

    1. rt click on start button, look under start menu, programs, start up, if it there delete it.

    2. go to start run type msconfig in the box and go to start up and uncheck the uninstalled program. This does not delete the start up but tells windows to ignore it. when you reboot windows will tell you you are running in diag mode which means you have changed something in msconfig. Just check don't show message again

  • this all are scrap man! do as i say

    1st go to RUN in Start menu

    2nd type there MSCONFIG

    3rd then go to START UP tab

    4th un check that item

    5th click OK

    when u will restrt comp u will receive a message just CHEK that box and give ok ur problem will solve

    if u can do it give me point for best answer

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    This will tell you the proper way to uninstall weatherbug.

  • Check your registry settings.

    Or check out this website for more info:

  • 1 decade ago

    i have an application called tuneup utilities...and it has a startup manager feature that lets you decide if you dont want a certain program to run on startup...try to use will help you a lot...

  • 1 decade ago

    Try this : go to "All Programs" then to "start up" and delete the program you want.

  • 1 decade ago

    well you simply call them up and say i do not want weather bug and they will come and take it away

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