If illegals do the jobs "that no American wants to do", then who did those jobs before they came to the US??

I hear illegal immigrants and their supporters say that they do jobs because Americans don't want to do them or are to lazy, etc, etc.

How do they think those jobs were done before we had millions of illegals in the US doing those jobs??

Do they think that those jobs were done my magic?? Or are they deluted enough to think that they do the jobs better??

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    American citizens did these jobs. It is interesting to note that at first "jobs Americans won't do" was restricted to agriculture. Now it has been expanded to include construction and gardening. Now I know for a fact that Americans used to do and will do these jobs. I had a friend that did gardening for years, he finally had to quit and find other employment because he could not do the job for the money wetbacks would do it for. Of course he paid his own way while our government pays the illegals way by providing foodstamps for their anchor babies and free medical.

    Anyone that says "migrants" have always done these jobs are kidding themselves. They fail to realize that they are subsidizing these illegal workers.

    If the government sent a separate tax bill entitled "illegal alien tax" you can bet they would change their tune.

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    News report a few weeks ago about how after a raid to get rid of the illegals, there were Americans waiting in long lines to apply for the opened positions.

    Why hire an American who expects a decent wage and safe working conditions when you can get someone to do it for a lot less money and not have to invest in safety and benefits or follow the law? That is why companies close down here and take the factories to Mexico and China.

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    You know there are people in this country that are homeless and would jump at a chance to work at any job . I'm not talking about the reff raft that make homelessness a life stile . I'm talking about good people that are down on their luck and would work long hours to just get something to eat . The illegals come in here and get SSI and any other benefits they can get their hands on then work for less money . That puts them in a low income bracket . That means section 8 housing . And believe me some of the housing I have seen are better then some meddle class people live in . It's not about the jobs for the illegals or that we don't want to do the job . Or they will do the job for less money . Sure they will do the job for less money . That's because they know how to work the system . Less money , more kids , get food stamps and every thing else that you can get your hands on . When are we going to learn that illegals beget more illegals . That we have people right here that where born here and would work here for any kind of money . Wake up people . There here and there sucking us dry . Remember that you who have good paying jobs and pay taxes are paying for the housing feeding and up keep of all the illegals that are working the system . God Bless America . Some one has to .

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    This is sheer nonsense. According to a new survey, illegals make up 24 percent of workers in agriculture, 17 percent in cleaning, 14 percent in construction, and 12 percent in food production. So 86 percent of construction workers, for instance, are either legal immigrants or Americans, despite the fact that this is one of the alleged categories of untouchable jobs.

    Oddly, the people who warn that without millions of cheap, unskilled Mexican laborers, this country would face economic disaster are pro-business libertarians. They believe in the power of the market to handle anything except a slightly tighter labor market for unskilled workers. But the free market would inevitably adjust, with higher wages or technological innovation.

    Take agriculture. Phillip Martin, an economist at the University of California, Davis, has demolished the argument that a crackdown on illegals would ruin it, or be a hardship to consumers. Most farming livestock, grains, etc. doesn't heavily rely on hired workers. Only about 20 percent of the farm sector does, chiefly those areas involving fresh fruit and vegetables.

    The average "consumer unit" in the U.S. spends $7 a week on fresh fruit and vegetables, less than is spent on alcohol, according to Martin. On a $1 head of lettuce, the farm worker gets about 6 or 7 cents, roughly 1/15th of the retail price. Even a big run-up in the cost of labor can't hit the consumer very hard.

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    People oversimplify the situation with that statement. It's not that Americans didn't want to do those jobs or wouldn't do them, it's that they didn't want to do them for the money being offered to do them, or the work conditions they would have to do them under.

    The illegals will accept low pay and usually more hazardous working conditions because they earn more than they would working in their own country, or because it allows them to be here. If the illegals weren't doing the jobs, then some Americans would end up doing them, but the rate of pay and working conditions would end up changing most likely, making the final product more expensive. Or the company would set up shop in another country where the labor and working conditions could be lowered, thus taking the jobs elsewhere.

    So, what it comes down to is that illegals aren't necessary to do the jobs. The jobs will get done one way or another without them.

  • Spud55
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    It is a statistical fact that illegal immigrants who are doing these low paying jobs, are in direct competition with American students and others without H.S. dipomas. Citizens of the U.S. who might not qualify for any job other than these low paying, low benefit jobs are being deprived because businesses are giving these jobs to illegals. This worsens the welfare situation in the U.S. and cost all tax payers in dollars that might otherwise be budgeted for general services.

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    i agree. i think we should have shut our borders years ago. our country keeps getting more overpopulated and if there arent enough jobs for the ppl who pay taxes and who are citizens then why should illegals who arent paying taxes and breaking many laws put into affect by our country get to work and make money here. They shouldnt. If a teenager buys a fake id you would say it was wrong and against the law. How do you think all the illeagals got their jobs they defantly bought some form of fake id. In my opinion we should throw every single non citizen out of the country and close the borders.

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    That's just something that pro-illegals say to make a case - and it's totally false. The fact is that illegal aliens take jobs AWAY from Americans who would be perfectly willing to do them.

  • Anonymous
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    All illegal immigrants should join and serve in the military to earn citizenship. It can happen. No free rides for citizenship or legalization. Will you stand with me and contact the senate like I did?


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    Illegals have always done the jobs. It has always been a mixture of illegals and any other groups of people in desperate need for survival to do jobs that others will not do. The subject of illegal immigration and their policies is very delicate because the illegal workforce is deeply integrated in the US ECONOMY. Extracting them out quickly from the American workforce will no doubt have seriously dire and deadly consequences to our economy (trillions of dollars) which equals suffering not for the poor, but suffering across all social levels of our society, and everyone who already knows this bit of information (corporate CEOs for example) are not against stricter immigration policies per se, but are apprehensive about making changes that will adversely effect this delicate balance.

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