"Happy continuation" - after Christmas/New Year, is there any other country that keeps wishing?

In Sweden we wish each other "Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year" before Christmas (though in Swedish, of course). After Christmas, we have to cut it down to a "Happy New Year". So far, so good. But after New Year is over, too, it's like we can't let it go. We keep saying "Happy Continuation!" (God fortsättning!) for a couple of weeks in January, especially when we meet people that we haven't seen for a while. Is there any other country where people extend the season's wishes in a similar way?

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    Mmmmmwell... in my native Denmark we don't speak thus, but in my adopted country, France, people do. That's to say, this is not specific for new year: whenever there is a cause for celebration, be it x-mas, easter or a more mundane family party, and the action has already started the common felicitation is "bonne continuation!". I cannot help but wondering whether Sweden hasn't imported this figure of speech from France? I mean... after all your Bernadotte dynasty is French and, even predating the Napoleonic wars, there were close links between the two countries.

    PS: Thanks again for your help in an earlier matter regarding a novella by Samuel Beckett - I've already acquired it!

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    Happy New Year In Swedish

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    Hej! Jag kanske inte precis svarar exakt på din fråga eftersom att du frågade typ någon från ett annat land... Men men, hursomhelst. Jag tänkte bara säga att jag säger inte god fortsättning efter nyårsafton. Jaja, nu ska jag sluta att besvära dig. Hejdå!

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