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What steps could be done to reduce snoring?

My dad who is 48 keeps snoring as soon as he sleeps. his weight is around 72-76Kg.

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    He should have a sleep study done, as there is a good chance that he has sleep apnea. Untreated, this condition can damage the heart and even be fatal.

    Apnea is treated with a device called CPAP, but you can't just go out and buy one. You must have a prescription from a sleep doctor, and you must be tested to determine the proper settings for he machine, as too much or too little pressure are both harmful.

    Tell your father to ask his doctor for a referral to a sleep clinic. It is important not to wait, as most sleep clinics have a fairly long wait before they can see a new patient, and the longer he waits, the greater the potential damage to his health.

    CPAP cures snoring 100%. It is painless, and most people either adjust to it instantly (as I did) or within a night or two. Once he uses the CPAP regularly, he will feel much better and have more energy during the day.

    Your father is probably not overweight (you don't say how tall he is), but, contrary to popular belief, many normal weight people have sleep apnea.

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    i,m having the same prolem and was seeking the same advise and was to got to a sleep clinic and they will test the person and give the proper advise and they have a devise out there called cpap to help people with sleep apnea. cpap is a devise worn over the face to force air into the nose or throat to relieve snoring.

  • He neeed to put down his weight.

    and the Homoeopathic drug


    Opium 30 4 pills

    before sleep

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    I've heard that rolling the person who snores on his/her side helps.

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    He can lose weight; sleep on his side, or get a CPAP machine.

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