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Eyebrow help!!!?

How can I get rid of ingrown hairs above my eyebrows?

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    Stop plucking your eyebrows, try waxing and if you still have the ingrown hair prob, find a full service salon that offers sugaring.

    Sugaring is great for your skin, it is made or sugar water and sometimes lemon, I get my legs sugared, and it is the best way to go if you have sensitive skin, just make sure to exfolate your eyebrows before hand

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    I would recommend using a good cleanser/estringent that will make them dry out and clear up. Since they're on your face you want to be careful about how you treat them since things like that could leave scarring. After they are cleared up I would pluck the hairs.

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    It's called a wax, I get mine waxed once a month, of course it hurts, but I know a girl who thinks it is very stress relieving.

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    get them waxed I know it sounds bad but i got mine done and it didn't hurt that much!

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    have you tried some sort of scrub?

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