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My Windows XP will not let me use GIF files as a wallpaper anymore. Why?

When I right-click them and click "Set as Desktop Background", nothing happens. I can't load them in the Desktop Properties window either. I don't have a virus.


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    the best thing to do is hit on start >all programs >accessories

    system tools> system restore . then restore my computer to an earlier time . go back a date to where it was fine. i did this when one of my program software .messup and it work fine then i create a new system restore point from then on

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    Try this:

    If you find a pic on the net and do not have it in a saved file, you can right click on the image and click, "save image as." Then for either the new or existing pics in your 'puter, the following instructions apply.

    Are the pictures in your computer already. I put .gif and .jpg or any captured image on my desktop. Right click on desktop. Click "Preperties." Display Properties. Click Desktop tab Click browse. Pop-up box reads, "Look in." Or, your pictures as thumbnails will appear. Click the picture you want, it appears in a model monitor.Position: stretch or center . Click OK and it will appear on your desktop. You can also change background colors, if the entire pic does not cover the entire desktop. Instead of clicking "desktop," you can also click screensaver, then click "My pictures slide show" and your pics will appear alternating when your desktop is at rest.

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