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can prisoners write from jail anytime they want?


army jail in fort lewis,wasinton state

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    As long as they have the stamps to send it. They have a ration on how many stamps they get for free.

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    Depends on their situation. They have to pay for the postage. Incoming and out-going mail if often read and sometimes censored. And mail isn't considered a "right". It can be taken away.

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    no. sometimes they might have gotten into trouble and are in solitary confinement. or if the are in lock down they can't. some max security prisons can't write letters. it just depends on what type of prison and what's the inmate situation. you can always find the # to the prison and ask and they will tell you. hope it helps :)

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    Yes, and "all" mail, incoming and outgoing is read and screened. But they have to provide the postage.

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    depends on which country the jail is located.

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    Yes if they have the money to buy stamps.

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