Removing Programs?

Been trying to remove programs via the add and remove feature on the control panel. But some come up with " Can not open install.log file" How do I remove these programs? Thanks!

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  • Ron75
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    1 decade ago
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    Most likely part of those programs are not installed now. You have a few choices. Install them if you have the disks, or manually remove them by searching for all Folders and files associated to them and deleting them. Also check your start up stuff to be sure you aren't trying to load any when you boot up. Check the Running Processes in task manager and stop any that may be associated with these programs. Then to finish the manual removal, you will need to edit the registry. If you have used these programs before, then some way that file is either corrupted or missing and the easy way would be to re-install them if you have the disk. It should go in and overrwrite the existing files and add the missing one.


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  • Sabine
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    1 decade ago

    the Ron guy is right...

    Have you done this...?

    Start>>>My computer>>>System tasks>>>add or remove programs.

    Also, don't forget to defragment or clean your disk, you should this at least once a month.

    Start>>>>All Programs>>>>Accessories>>>>System Tools>>>

    Disk Cleanup

    Disk Defragment

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