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How would you feel?

I have been with my boyfriend for a few years. We for the most part have a pretty strong relationship. He has kids from another relationship and so do I. We have meshed nicely and have a lot of trust and respect for eachother. I do not ask to come before his children and wouldnt put him before mine. So he is constantly leaving to do things with or for his kids and I have no problem with that. But lately his ex has been giving him a real hard time. Today she said I guess that you have a girlfriend now that you do not need us. I just do not understand. He sees his kids EVERY day. I just dont get it. Its not like I just came into the picture and am taking over. I totally respect his kids come first. What is she trying to prove? And how would you feel in my shoes? I am so confused...

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    I wouldn't feel confused at all. It's called "Baby Momma drama" Misery loves company and you're falling into it. Stop! Let him deal with her, by you getting in the middle will on intensify the ex's power. Don't feed into it. You just maintain the positive energy you give your man, and sooner or later she get mad and give up.

    Good luck!

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