what opens a .wps file?

I had an old e-machine from 2001. It has a works document program. I transfered my old docs to my new Dell, which has word, open office and word viewers but the .wps files won't open. What can I download to open old files???

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    Microsoft Works Word Processor will open that up. If you do not have Works, you will have to find some that does. Once open, use SAVE AS to save it as another file type. May I suggest that you use the FILE TYPE option to save it as Microsoft WORD.

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    A .wps file is a Microsoft works word prossesing file. Try opening with Mirosoft word. it may work. Notpad and wordpad should open them. Once you open it. click File->Save As and save it as:

    document.doc for a Microsoft word file (you can replace "document" with whatever name you want to save it as)

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    .WPS files are old Word Perfect documents. Of course Word Perfect can handle them. Microsoft Word can handle them also, converting them into ordinary .DOC files. of course you need the Word plug-in doing the conversion.

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    It sounds like a word-processor file, so the obvious answer is microsoft word, but even wordpad/notepad should open it-if there are pics etc that were inbeded they won't appear in something as basic as the last two.

    If you don't have these you could try openoffice writer for linux operating systems.

    Hope this helps!


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    That's probably a Microsoft Works word processing document. I think you can get a translator for MS Word.

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    There is a converter that you can download from Microsoft, here's the link


    This converter will allow you to open wps files in word.

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