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ha_mer asked in Science & MathematicsEngineering · 1 decade ago

Who thinks that fiberglass 'shrinks'?

Belatedly, I read the question that asked, "Fiberglass aircraft can't be painted dark colors b/c they get too hot. How can we solve this? Special paint?

As of now, all aircraft have to be painted white. The suns rays heat up dark colors which causes the fiberglass core to shrink, and this damages the fiberglass. I need help discovering ways to have other color options than simply shades of white."


That is wrong. Fiberglass DOES NOT SHRINK!

And, ANYTHING painted a dark color will absorb more heat from the sun, but the sun cannot damage fiberglass no more than it can damage window glass when it shines through - it does deteriorate polyester resin that's used to wet out fiberglass to give shape to the laminate and cure hard to hold that shape.

Does anyone want to debate me about that, either here or via Email? ha_mer@yahoo.com

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    1 decade ago
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    A main problem with FRP (commonly but erroneously called “fiberglass” alone) which is one of the easiest thermosetting resins to work with is the many persons who use FRP without knowing any more than what they learn on their own.

    What one person refers to as “glass matting” is fiberglass mat, a uniform thickness of chopped fiberglass strands with the commonest weights used being ¾-ounce mat and 1¼-ounce mat.

    The other two commonest used fiberglass materials are 10-ounce fiberglass cloth and 18-oz and 24-oz fiberglass woven roving.

    The reference to “resin matrix” does not properly relate to polyester resin.

    I believe what “Huge” thinks is “shrinkage” is the appearance of fiberglass that is either ‘floating’ in resin richness which is a poor application, or the appearance of fiberglass that has been applied properly with the “driest-wet-out” possible, which shows the distinct pattern of the last fiberglass material applied – most often mat.

    “Years of buying material for ac repair” does not make a person an expert. I will gladly send “Huge” a copy paste of the chapter in my Fiberglass Manual that relates to this subject if he writes an email to me at joustwindmills@yahoo.com

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    The idea that all aircraft have to be painted white is plain nonsense. The military and commercial companies have been painting their ac different colours for years including black. When this guy talks of fibreglass ac what is he really talking about, there cannot be any large ac or fast jets that are made predominantly from fibreglass. So was he really referring to homemade ac, model ac and/or gliders?

    I totally agree with you glass matting does not shrink but the resin matrix will change with heat.

    Source(s): Years of buying material for ac repair.
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