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i got braces yesterday?

it hurts

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    Yep, I got braces 2 weeks ago. It hurts. Eat jello, soup, apple sauce, pudding, ice cream, anything soft!

    AND I had to get 4 teeth pulled for braces! It actually didnt hurt too much just weird.

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    yeah i got mine on a few months ago. it took about a week for the pain to go away. you should try eating stuff like mashed potatoes, pudding, jello, and meatloaf. those are the easiest things to eat when you hurt so bad.

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    i know! mine are gone now.

    I recommend not eating frozen snickers because One of my brackets broke, not a good thing lol

    Also get some of the wax stuff you can put on b/c that helps them from not scratching your lips.

    They do make your teeth beautiful though!

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    ouchies i went through that will be hard to eat for around 4days(you'll be on yougurts) and they'l hurt everytime you get them tightened,it will be worth it though!!!

    x x x

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  • iroc
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    1 decade ago

    very normal. just give It a few days you will be fine just follow what the doctor says, as far as care is concerned.

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    Take some pain killers!

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    don't worry i know just how you feel. take orajell for tooth aches it will help to numb your teeth

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    think of the future and how nice your teeth will be

  • 1 decade ago

    yea ... i know

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