Whats better the wii or the PS3 or the PS2? Considering the games out, the quility, the quanity, and the funne

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  • 1 decade ago
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    There's no question that, ignoring price, PS3 is better than PS2. They are different generaitons of hardware and the PS3 is (mostly) backward compatible with PS2.

    The Wii is a different issue entirely. Technically its definitely inferior to PS3 because it basically just an enhanced version of the Gamecube (faster processors, more memory). Games will definitely LOOK better on the PS3 than on the Wii.

    The appeal of the Wii is the unique controller and promise of unique games & content that won't be released on the PS3 or XBOX360 because of that control system.

    Most industry experts expect most "gamer" households to purchase either XB360 or PS3 over the next few years, and ALSO own a Wii because of its unique content & controller, and appeal to a broader audience and focus on "social" or "family" games.

    The PS2 will continue to get new software releases for a while as well, so if you are not concerned with the visual fidelity of games and don't demand HDTV support, it might be a good choice for at least another year. The prices should hit rock bottom quickly on the hardware & PS2 games are already reduced to an average of $30 (compared to $50-$60 for PS3 games).

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    It depends on what you like in your games. I have a Wii and I love it. The graphics arent the greatest out there but the gameplay is fun and totally different than what youre used to. It comes with Wii sports and its playable by anyone in your famiily. I had my 80 yr old grandmother bowling with it. PS2 is good if you only feel like spending 100 bucks. Ps3 is a joke. waaay too much money, not worth the hassle. Xbox360 is perfect if you like incredible graphics and online play.

  • 1 decade ago

    PS3, better everything!!! And I think it can play PS1 and PS2 games!!!

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