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Formula to Milk? MOM'S?

How old was your baby when you gave them whole milk....and What is the best way to transition a baby from formula to milk. My son will be 1 Feb 4. I want to start him sooner then that like around the middle of Janurary. What worked for you. Thanks all!!


Its actually funny because I do have 3 kids total, I can never remember what to do!!LOL

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    We actually started giving our son sips of whole milk from our cups when he was 10 months old. At 11 months we began to mix it in his bottle, and by 12 months he'd completely made the switch. Be careful, if your son gets an upset tummy or vomits you may want to wait the extra four weeks, but my guess is all will go fine!

  • The first time I give it to them I only give them an ounce or two of milk & then give them a bottle with formula in it to make sure they are "ok" with the milk. If they don't have any problem with an ounce or two the next time I just give them a whole bottle full. Only 2 of the 8 kids I've raised had a problem with milk & it was evident very soon after they had a little bit of milk - it all came right back up!! Good luck!

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    initially I merely want to assert it is merely what i might do if I have been you and bear in mind which you are the boss of you and could make despite determination you experience is optimal to your toddler and you. i might say no count if it is not bodily inflicting you discomfort or there are not the different problems with that nature then persevere, as they say breast is optimal and additionally it is loose! additionally do no longer enable persons make you think of there is a few thing incorrect with you for feeling depressed and 'certain' on your toddler. i think of i comprehend what you propose, is it extra which you would be able to no longer get some 'you' time considering the fact which you oftentimes must be there for feeding? or in step with threat which you're feeling such as you're actually not completely your self considering the fact which you have been pregnant first and then breastfeeding and can't do extremely some issues which you have been used on your total existence (I felt a sprint like a strolling, speaking robotic with my first toddler as though I wasn't suitable human or some thing)! Your toddler will call for much less milk in merely 2 short months whilst he/she is likewise ingesting solids. And until then you definately can continually transition from merely breast to expressing into bottles so as that persons can feed and/or babysit and arise interior the direction of the night in the experience that your toddler remains waking for night feeds.

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    Well my oldest weaned straight from breast milk to a sippy cup of homogenized milk at around 10.5 months and he has had no milk problems whatsoever. My second was weaned onto it around ten months as well. If your baby likes warm formula, then you may have to warm your milk for the first little while, but try to get him to take a sippy cup and tell him what a big boy cup it is, rather then having him on a bottle. They are much more practical, and easy to wean them off of after wards. Good luck!

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    I started my daughter at 11 months on whole milk. She did not like it at all. I started out with 4 oz of formula and put 2 oz of milk in a bottle. then I was doing half and half, then I was to the point I had more milk then formula until it was all milk. I had great success with this way. Also my daughter does not like her milk cold. I had to heat it to get the chill off of it. You might have to play around with it but this is what worked for me. Also it will not be a complete shock on your sons system. He can gradually get use to it. Good Luck!

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    It is ALWAYS better to WAIT...than to start too early!!!

    You baby's digestive tract is NOT ready for whole milk until AFTER his first birthday....

    A sip or two from a cup just to introduce the taste...okay...

    But I would follow doctor's advise and not start too young...they have trouble with the enzymes in the milk and can cause cramping, diarrhea, blood in stools, or vomiting.

    I know how expensive formula can be...but continue it on for another month !!! Then remember that your baby needs the "fat " in milk so be sure and use whole milk until the baby turns two!

  • A year old. It is best to go ahead and start mixing formula and whole milk in together (Half and half until it is all the way whole) cause if you switch from formula to whole milk like that it will (can) make your baby so constipated. They need to get use to the milk so please do it like that for your child's sake.

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    A baby should not have whole milk until they are past 12 months of age. Talk to your doctor or pedi about this.

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    My baby is still a newborn. So i don't really know the answer to this, but maybe you should try reading the book "what to expect the first years." I heard that that can help alot with situations like this. It is a series starting with "what to expect when your expecting." There is also another series of books that goes with stuff like this and the first book is "Baby Wise".

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    My son is still on formula. But a couple of weeks ago my dad gave him chocolate milk. He LOVED it! (He's eight months old.)

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