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what are the pros and cons of bonding someone out of jail?

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    Con's: you are personally liable for the bond if the person fails to show up for the court date, could loose your house or any other assets

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    CON: You have to make sure that the person is trust worthy and will not skip out on his or her court date, because you will be held liable for that person. Also if you use a bondsman you will only have to come up with 10% of the Bond, but you do not get that money back.......

    PRO: If you Bond that person with your money(10%) whenever they go to court, regardless of the verdict, you will get your money back minus court fees......

    If this a first time offense and depending on the severity of that offense you may ask for PRE-TRIAL Release, this normally cost about $50-$100

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    Pro: You have helped someone.


    1.) The percentage of the bond you are required to put up is payment for the service and you will not get that back.

    2.) Depending on the amount of the bond you put up you may be required to place something of value up for collateral which you may lose if they person fails to appear in court.

    3.) If they fail to appear you can (and usually WILL) be held liable for the remainder of the bond, and can be prosecuted for defrauding an insurance in some areas.

    4.) If the person skips out and they have to hire a fugitive recovery team to track them down (depends on how large a bond your talking about) you can be held responsible for the cost incurred.

    Before you bond anyone out - be sure you know what you stand to lose should they skip out. You could lose your **** in a situation like that.

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    I would be very sure the person you are providing the bond for is not going to take off. The greatest con is that you can lose whatever you provided for bond. You'll get the money back after the trial (regardless of the verdict).

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  • Anonymous
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    Personally I don't see any 'pro' anywhere .

    'Con' we have enough already .

    Think it over and do not feel guilty if you tell that person to get lost . It is a huge imposition to approach anybody to get them out of the clink , regardless whether they are guilty or not . The risk is just too great and the temptation also to run from the whole mess .

    Personally I don;t think I would ask anybody for myself . Perhaps only to go to my bank and get my own money out to help .Hope I never need to put my money where my mouth is , we never know what can happen in life even if we are law abiding nowadays .

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    The only pro I see, is if they have a good job and need to get back to it,so they can make and save money to pay you back and secure an attorney, the cons, I worry the most about if this person skips bail, whatever assets you put up is gone, unless you find this person and drag his butt back to jail. Or call Dog...

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    I don't know of any pros. But Cons, if they skip out of the bail you would loose every bit of the money you put up for there bond.

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    Con: you're on the hook and lose the money you pony up if they skip town and miss their court date.


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    You are on the hook if they skip out. You better know them well and dont expect to get your money back.

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    If they run you won't get your money back.

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