What is Actuarial Sciences all about?

actually i`m interesting in this field so want to know about it more. somebody help me out???

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    It's very dry, all about numbers. It's looking and huge groups of numbers to predict future losses.

    Actuaries are bookworms. The salary is good, usually six figures, but MAN it's boring. You would need a master's in actuarial science.

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    An actuary is a business professional who analyzes the financial consequences of risk. Therefore Actuarial science is the study of it.

    Actuary is Rated One of the Best Jobs in America

    The job "actuary" has been rated the second best job in the United States by the Jobs Rated Almanac (Sixth Edition, 2002). The popular reference book lists the actuarial profession above other highly regarded careers such as accountant or attorney. Only "biologist" rated higher.

    The Jobs Rated Almanac printed five previous editions between 1988 and 2001. In two editions, "actuary" was rated as the best job and in two others, actuary was rated second best. "Actuary" has never been rated lower than fourth, a ranking it received in the fifth edition before climbing two spots in the most recent editions.

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    I have an actuarial science degree. I work pricing pension plans for a large insurance company. Actuaries are diverse tools. We work in product development, product management, in-force management, valuation to name a few. There are all sorts of things actuaries do. Some do consulting and provide services/valuations/analyses to clients for whatever they need (health, pension, life, technology). Yeah there is the rate-making and reserving types of jobs, but there's a lot out there. check out

    www.soa.org (the society of actuaries)

    www.beanactuary.com (all about what an actuary is and does)

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    Actuaries use math and statistics to decide how much to charge as a premium for various kinds of insurance deals, or how much to set aside to pay for claims. Actuaries solve real business problems. The exams to qualify as an actuary eliminate a lot of prospective applicants, but they are not beyond the ability of bright students who are willing to work hard. The pay for experienced actuaries is quite good.

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    Actuarial science deals with the probability of certain events happening within a particuar time frame, the parameters that affect that probability and the extent to which each of those parameters contributes to the probability.

    I'm sure you're very interesting -- but I think it's actually "interested" you intended to write :-)

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