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laptop does not power on light flashes 5 times but nothing else happens?

laptop is an acer travelmate 2300 i have replaced the dc jack but now i only see a flashing light on the front. before i replaced the jack igot nothing fromthe laptop.. so this is an improvement but still i need help resolving....

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    Your notebook is telling you that your battery has died and you need a new one. In other words, you could charge the thing for a week and it still won't work.

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    This sounds like a power problem. If this is a used/old laptop, the battery may be weak and not take a charge. Try plugging the computer in and turning it on. If it still doesn't work, you may have a virus :(

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    If you've replaced the jack, try the battery next. It may not be taking a charge.

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    hi, had the same situation on my dell, i had an Archimedes 2nd once I remembered something on static boost in workstation chips.. what i did replaced into intently bumped off the back plate that the memory chips are under, took out the chips and extremely gently rubbed the gold connections around the part with a pencil rubber. whilst they went back interior the workstation then powered up fantastic, it somewhat does examine like the same situation i had.. nicely worth a attempt eh? form regards

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  • 1 decade ago

    Get a new battery ,but they are expensive. If that doesn't work call your maker's company.

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