I very badly want to write articles to Newspapers.How do i go about it.I do not know A,B,C, of it.?

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    Begin by contacting the newspaper and asking for writing guidelines for free-lancers. The editor may even give you a word count and deadline -- stay within both of these.

    Do some basic research on the topic online or in publications to identify experts that you can interview and to come up with open-ended questions on the topic that you can ask them. Conduct your interviews by telephone, e-mail or in person and take thorough notes. Choose what is most important from your research and interviews for your lead paragraph.

    Write the article as a Word document in inverted pyramid form, with the most important material at the top and insigificant details at the end. Read and reread it until it is as perfect as you can make it. Follow AP style -- if you aren't familiar with it, purchase and study the Associated Press Stylebook and Briefing on Media Law. Use spell check, but don't rely heavily on it; it won't distinguish between their and there.

    Submit the article by the deadline in the format the publication prefers, whether by e-mail or hard copy.

    Source(s): Decades of working as a print journalist.
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    Ok first off, if you want to be published, you really do need to pay a tiny bit more attention to your sentence structure - otherwise your work will be rejected outright.

    "Very badly" is a poor choice for a positive desire.

    "For Newspapers" not "To newspapers"

    i needs to be capitalized

    Space after full stops.

    "I do not know *THE*...."

    No comma after the "C"

    Either a full stop OR a question mark, not both.

    If you make the odd boob in an article, they will often pass it "as-is" - or someone will edit it for you. When you are upto 7+ errors / quirks per paragraph, it isn't going to make the grade.

    Once you get that sorted, focus on what sort of paper and then what kind of article / feature / column you wish to write.

    Requirements for writing a political column in the Times are going to be more critical than, the "local gossip" section of the local pamphlet.

    Having decided what you wish to do - contact the publication in question, enclosing a concise example of your work.

    Good luck


    Source(s): Used to own/run "New Rutland Times" (little local tabloid) and have also written for other publications in the past.
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    Maybe u start with 123 of it

    Source(s): Saves better
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