What is the difference between Murder and Execution?

Just a few words?!

It all boils down to: I think you're wrong, so I'm gonna kill you.

Lol, murder is murder is, murder...call it an Execution, you can sleep better at night!

Oh yea, that goes for "our" Death Penalty too!


Please! Who says I haven't had a loved one murder...don't assume " It makes an *** out of U and Me"....

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    asked and answered!

    but you're right

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    Execution isn't basically legal, it occurs after due careful legal technique and (a minimum of interior the twenty first century u . s .) is meant to be achieved in a humane way. Which makes it thrilling that deadly injection became, final I heard, below evaluation for being inhumane. in case you're searching for a humane technique of execution, use long drop striking. Washington State has it as an selection and the united kingdom used it up till abolition in 1967 - if achieved suitable it somewhat is totally speedy and extremely almost a hundred% effective at being so. yet I digress... some could argue that existence imprisonment is a worse threat for a murderer because it potential a hopeless existence in penal complex, while execution potential they go through for much less time. What i stumble on thrilling is that the u . s . is the main non secular us of a interior the western worldwide and additionally the only one oftentimes performing executions. could I be incorrect to entice a end regarding the non secular concept of morals? BTW the be conscious you're searching for is executioner, not executor. An executor kinds out the want afterwards.

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    murder is only taken out when the matter at hand is personal or has some sort of strong meaning to the process. Where as exicution is taken out as a punishment, you deserve it.

    sometimes in murder you deserv it.(if you are the one dying luckybastar) Then in a slightly difrent area you have suiside, the personal self thrust death.

    Death comes in many diffrent ways, at many diffrent speeds. so be ready to leave the world at any point of life, some people like me apreciate death. It helps keep the worlds population to a reasonable level, it lets people who are lucky enough to excape life without any feelings left behind. When the mane death cause is internal, that just means you don't have any beafs with anyone.

    Death is the only thing we can look forward to in life. So i ask the general people, What is the point of life? I have found none, but what do i know. It i sonly my opinion. i have no say in what you think, only curosity. I oly answer this question so deeply because i have a close "bond" with death, i could say it is a friend. So why am i still here?

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    By definition:

    Murder: the unlawful and malicious or premeditated killing of one human being by another; also, any killing done while committing some other felony, as rape or robbery

    Execution: the act of executing; specif., a) a carrying out, doing, producing, etc. b) a putting to death as in accordance with a legally imposed sentence

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  • CJBig
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    1 decade ago

    Murder is just maliciously killing someone, execution is just punishment...an eye for an eye. You would think much differently about the death penalty if one of your loved ones was murdered. You would want who ever murdered them to get their just cause.

  • Bexx
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    1 decade ago

    Agreed. Murder = senseless. Execution=senseless

    Let The Bastar*s Rot In Jail

  • 1 decade ago

    Both are the same with a simple difference !

    Execution is something decided by court andkinda legal but murder something illegal...

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Murder and Abortion are the same thing the taking of a life with no reason. Exaction is riding the world of killers.

    There is a big difference. the executed is given a trail while the murdered did nothing and got no trail.

  • 1 decade ago

    Uh, no, murder is not murder.

    Murder is the intentional taking of anothers life regardless of their actions, lifestyle or any other factor.

    Execution is the act of killing someone based on their past illegal heinous actions, usually involving murder.

    It is supposed to be a deterrant.

    However, I'm not sure how well that works.

    It has nothing to do with, "I think you're wrong. So I'm gonna kill you."

    These are the laws of our land.

    If you don't like them, try to change them or you can just whine about it on Yahoo Answers.


  • 1 decade ago

    Murder is the taking of life by an individual without justification.

    Execution, in the way you are referring to, is the taking of life by a society after evidence, trial, judgement, and appeals have taken place.

    Ted Bundy murdered people. The People executed Ted Bundy for his crimes.

    Please sit in the back of the room until you can come to terms with society's right to protect itself.

  • 1 decade ago

    Murder is when you take someones life. Execution is a type of murder and usually is to hang/kill the person who took many/someones life. :)♥

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