I have a Basenji-German Spitz mix that I adopted from a local rescue organization. He has begun to snap.?

I got him this past August. He is now 9mo.old and he is neutered. He barks and growls at new people who come in the house. Some people he warms up to and some he does not, in those cases I kennel him. Last week he snapped at a neighbor, in the face. Last night he snapped at my daughter also in the face, he has never done this to her before. He was laying down, but awake, so he saw her coming. When she knelt down to pet him he snapped at her. Is there any way to correct this behavior, or am I in for a big problem? Should I return him to the organization? I would hate to do that because I have become very attached to him, but I cannot have him snapping or, heaven forbid, start biting.

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    Basenji's are not good with kids! They prefer a quiet household and they are sight hounds. Sight hounds are supposed to snap at things that are little, it is in their breed. Next time research your breeds before getting an animal! Spitz's aren't that friendly either. The problem is fixable don't worry! Buy a basket muzzle and when your child is in the room or friend comes over put the muzzle on. Keep treats handy and every time someone approaches and he does not snap reward him. It will take time but it will work. Your dog is behaving normal according to the 2 breeds he is.

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    Your first two answers are brilliant! Did the rescue give you any background? If not, call and ask for some, if any background is available! My dog was found when she was very young, and had the same problems! The love we have shown her conquered her fears of humans! Also, your dog may be jealous of your daughter! Consider puppy classes from a trained trainer! Ask around at your vet's office or local petstore if they have any suggestions on one! Chances are he had a troubled puppyhood, maybe not abuse, but maybe just something that happened.

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    Contact the Rescue to help, or advise on what to do. That's what they are there for. They may know a behaviorist, or can advise you on medical issues the dog may have that could cause him to react this way. He may be sick, have thyroid issues, not enough exercise, your Daughter or Neighbor could've hurt him in some way you are not aware of, or a skeleton from his past is making him react this way. Becareful with him, don't leave your Daughter alone w/him for any amount of time.

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    My dog is kind of the same..Except she hides from my dad. She has gotten better at it though. I would think that maybe your dog was abused by new comers or may believe that you are in danger. About your daughter, if she is young than maybe your dog was jumped on by a younger child.

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    spitz breeds are known for being snappy..

    he needs to be socialized -Obedience lessons are a MUST

    talk to a behavioral specialist in your area

    call the place you got him and ask if their was a history of him doing this - then decide if its worth investing more in him or not...

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