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Who was the biggest threat Hussein or Iran?

Its seems by most accounts that we have created a giant Iran. The US government is not allowed to confront the militias-a soilder who recently returned from Iraq said that hundreds of militia (Shia)memebers are allowed to dance in the streets shouting death to America-and they are not allowed to retaliate-the Sunnis attack but they are not allowed to gather as such. We might as well be having a dialogue with Iran we are letting their Militias spit in our face(make no doubt about it they are financed by Iran)-The Bush adm. has created a horrible mess-even staunch Bush supporters are falling by the wayside reality is setting in. My soution-kick butt in Iran and Iraq-set their infrastructure back 30 years like poppa GW-and forever quit trying to put your nose in other peoples business-unless they are trying to hurt us-then SET EM BACK. Oh now someone is gonna say what about China -Russia-roll the dice -we didn't care when we first went into Iraq.

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    Frankly, the presence in Iraq of a powerful US force causes other middle-east countries with thoughts of terrorist activities to rethink - they witnessed the destruction of the Iraqi military force and removal of a dictator.

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    Yeah....what Lionel said :)

    Just for the record, your original question was which was the biggest threat, Saddam or Iran? Considering just that question, it was proven that Saddam did not have weapons of mass destruction, while Iran has nuclear technology and is refusing to cooperate with the U.N. in monitoring their nuclear program. Beyond this, they refused multi-national aid with their civilian nuclear power program in return for allowing them to monitor that program. This all points to the fact that Iran has something to hide about their nuclear ambitions.

    Based on that, I'd say Iran is definitely the bigger threat. As for what's happening in Iraq right now, Saddam has been out of power for years, so he's not causing it. The real threat there comes from religious extremists. Again, considering just Saddam or Iran, Iran is/was definitely the bigger threat.

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    you better answer Lionel M's question first. I agree with her.

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    have you been drinking lately?

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