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Whom do you think is the all time best tennis player(mens as well as women)?



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    Men: Federer. Gives me chills to watch him play. His balance is absolutely the most perfect ever seen! He has continued to improve each year as well, that is frightening. I always admired and respected Sampras, and felt he was the best of all time til Federer came along. I think Federer will smash every record the ATP has to offer.

    Women: Graf. Most dominating women's figure to play the game. Diverse, HUGE forehand, could mix pace. We're seeing how today's big hitters are having trouble with the off speed stuff that the players like Henin can hit. Graf would be dominant even in today's game, with her mix of power and finesse.

    Fun question, will be neat to see the answers.

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    That is a very hard question. But here are my answers. Note, maybe my answers would be different had I been watching tennis for a long time but I am new to tennis. I just started to get interested in the sport last year. I have heard great stuff about Becker, Connors, Navratilova, Graff, and some others, but I have not really watched them play. So my answers will have to be current tennis players.

    WOMEN: I would choose Henin-Hardenne, she is an all-round player and what she accomplished this year is amazing.

    MEN: Of course, Roger Federer. He is great in every surface.

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    Men - Bjorn Borg

    Women - Steffi Graf

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    Men - Federer is amazing and makes it look so easy. I just wish Pete Sampras could have played him in his prime. Until Federer, Pete would have been my pick.

    Women - I think I have to pick Martina Navratilova, but Steffi is a close second. I'm picking Martina since she kept playing and has been winning in doubles in the majors at 50 years old.

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    For men I believe Roger Federer's 92-5 record is enough to convince anybody that he certainly is the best of all time.

    As for women, I believe that Maria Sharapova is. After going pro at the age of 16, she's hit her stride, and now at age 19 she's won Wimbledon and the U.S. Open. She's beaten the best out there such as Serena Williams and various others. I think at 19, she's just beginning to come out of her shell, and I think she will eventually be the best woman of all time...she certainly has the tools

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    Men: Roger Federer

    Very well rounded in all court surfaces. Hits shots most players only dream about hitting. Won 3 Grand Slams this year alone.

    Women: Serena Williams

    Very athletic, dominated the field before injuries took her out. Has potential to win more Slams as she is still young. Very well rounded. Consistent service game, hard to break her.

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    For the men it would be Rod Laver since he won two grand slams in the same calendar year. Both Federer and Connors never even won the French Open.

    For the women, my choice would be Chris Evert even though Navratilova won more tournaments.

    Source(s): Tennis history
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    Men: Federer

    Women: Navritilova

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    Andrew Agassi and Martina Navratilova are the all time best tennis players in my opinion.

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    in the mens i would have to say nadal w/out a doubt even though people say federer but i believe nadal has proven himself and he is doing very well on the courts he used to struggle on. in womens w/ no hesitation whatsoever it would be maria sharapova who has proved herself after 3 years in the sport. these are the best even though they r more modern.

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