Can you do the peace corp for just a few months, or does it have to be 2 years?

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    It has to be two years. You can resign early, which will leave your school, clinic or department in the lurch and be a blot on your record.

    The Peace Corps will spend quite a bit of time and money training you to be a good volunteer - three months of language, history and culture, plusvocational training. They (and the country that is hosting you) want a decent return on their investment.

    When you are 22, 2 years is 1/11th of your life, so it seems like a long time. When you are 60, 2 years is 1/30th of your life. The two years zip by. Do you remember how fast your junior and senior years of high school went by? Imagine you were doing something useful then, in a foreign country.

    There are hundreds of other volunteer organizations that accept shorter terms. The Student Conservation Association, for instance. My daughter did that. You spend six weeks working to make a National park a nicer place. My daughter helped build a trail.

    Many churches have deals whereby you and a group fly somewhere (at your expense) to paint an orphanage or repair a church.

    Most of the short-term volunteer opportunities cost you or your sponsors money. The Peace Corps does not.

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    All in all, you do a total of 27 months for the Peace Corps. You are paid very modestly while doing your service. As part of the agreement, upon completion of your time, you receive, I believe, around $8000 to get yourself on your feet when you return home.

    If you don't want to give up that amount of time, find other ways of volunteering. A friend of mine is working for them now. He left when we finished college. He is having a blast. If I didn't have children, I would have likely gone with him.

    If you're young, single, with no dependents, this is a way to gain some experience, have something respectable on your resume, and see some part of the world you would liekly not see on your own.

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    You sign a contract for 2 years - but with your training included it ends up as 2 years and about 3 months. You cannot sign up for just a few months. If you sign up and break your contract, you definitely cannot use the Peace Corps as any kind of reference.

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    it has to be two years, and if you are thinking about the peace corps you should know that there is quite a demand to be in it and so you shouldn't get your hopes up, plus depending on where you go, it is dangerous most of the time, there have been 260 deaths of PC workers since 9/11 i don't remember the name of the article I found that on, it was like Gaddi Vasquez in a summary report I found for debate, there are plenty of positive things to say about the PC but personally, I am NEVER going to join the PC with all the info i've attained through this exra curricular, my suggestion is to do your homework, you might change your mind about this...sorry I'm such a pessimist but as they say... ignorance is bliss

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