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what is the weight of the water in a waterbed which is 2.4 m long, 1.8 m wide and 0.23 deep?

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    The weight of a water is the mass of water multiplied by the gravity.Supposing the gravity to be 9.8N/kg,then we should find a way to calculate the mass.The mass of a body is the product of density and volume.Usually the density of water is taken as 1gm/ml.The volume of the bed is the product of the three dimensions which is 2.4m*1.8m*0.23m=0.9936m^3.Before multiplying our density with our result we should be aware of the unit 1gm/ml which can also be written as 1kg/m^ 1kg/m^3*0.9936m^3=0.9936kg.then the weight is just this mass multiplied by gravity.0.9936kg*9.8N/kg=9.73728N will be the answer.

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    Well, you calculate the volume of the water first assuming that the waterbed is full with the water.

    First, mutiply them.


    Well, 1m^3= 1kg



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    The area of the water bed would be .9936 cubic meters.This equals 262.48 gallons of water.At 8.34 pounds per gallon,the weight equals 2,189.0832 pounds.This means the weight of the water bed would be 2,189.0832 pounds,plus the weight of the rubber mattress.

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