How do you end a relationship with a person you truly love when you know its not going to work?

This man that I have loved from afar for over 30 years and then finally came into my life, has so many other agendas that I cannot complete with everything, not the excuses, etc. He says he loves me and I believe in his world that he really does. But I am so tired of trying to make this work on my end, and the rejections that I recieve. I gotta let it go ----- help!!!!!

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    I was once in your shoes, and yes, I had loved him for many years as well. However, when we got together, I found out that he was not the person that he appeared to be.

    Getting to know him intimately, I found out that he had mental problems, and so much baggage, that I could not take on the stress of it all.

    We sat down, had a heart to heart talk, I told you exactly how I felt, he understood, he said he loves me as well, we both cried, and he promises that one day, if he can ever get it together, he will come back for me.

    Then we parted, we love each other, but we can not be together.

    My advice to you, be honest with him, tell him why you must move on with your life, hopefully he will understand.

    Good Luck to you!

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    If in your heart u already know this don't doubt yourself because deep down u really know the truth. And, for someone to care about u he has to really has to take into account for the times that he has disappointed u. And, if he really cared he wouldn'nt want to see u hurt just a little. so really he is more into himself than u. and i come to realize by reading alot of yahoo Q&A it's alot selfish men out there and they do it because we idlelly sit by and just deal with but if the shoe was on the other foot. They'd move on to next. So, like I tell so many other women start taking more interst in yourself and do whats good for you and that doesn't mean u have to treat the next man bad. But, consider yourself important and expect good thing for u, expecting respect, appreciate, attention all the good stuff we give ourself to others.

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    Just be honest with him and tell him it's not going to work and that you have decided to let it go. don't let him think your mind could be changed cause you would probably get a change in attitude for a few days and then back to the same old routine.

    Just be up front but nice of course and let him know that your mind has been made up.

    Good luck.

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    I was in a relationship like this -- it's best just to make a clean break. Break up and don't see each other or talk to each other (at all!) for at least six months. If you continue to communicate, you'll only frustrate yourself and tie yourself down more, thinking that maybe somehow it can actually work out. By making a clean break, you remove him from your daily life and force yourself to think about other things and re-focus your life.

    Good luck!

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    It's simple, just say no. Simply tell him that the relationship between the two of you is not working out, and you need "out." Tell him goodbye and leave. Don't try to stay and listen to any of his excuses because all you're going to do is reopen old wounds. Stop, drop, and go!

    Good luck!

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    Think long and hard.

    Dont give up just yet tell him your on the edge of leaving.

    couples can work things out.

    heartache is the lonlieness feeling to ever come across and just be sure of wha you do.

    Talk things out and be smart. Keep asking yourself if i do this what is the consequences more thne likely going to be? Communication and trust is key. Dont abandon it now.

    good luck!

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    That a ??? that's kinda difficult. One is to be straight forward. Next what type and circumstance does the rejection involve? I been there sort of. Good Luck

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    Maybe it would put your mind at ease to know that if it was "meant to be" then it will someway work out for you's. Sometimes that is all there is to hold onto. Letting go is never easy and it always hurts. There is no easy answer.

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    Just calmly tell that i think that we r not the perfect couple we need to be. I want to find a the perfect man for myself. And sorry but your not him. IF he truly loves u he will understand

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    You have to tell him exactly how you feel...If you've done this already and he doesn't care, move on. You can't make a relationship work by yourself. It's not the way it should be. You deserve better

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