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This is a long political question about Saddam Hussein so please read the details?

Why did the US government wanted to kill Saddam Hussein and not Fidel Castro? Is it because at Cuba they don't have petroleum? Castro killed as many people as Saddam did and he's not dead yet. How come? Saddam was asking for it I know and I'm glad he's dead but now why doesn't Bush accuse Castro of something false like he has nuclear weapons too. Anyway they never found nuclear weapons! Was that all just a rumor, or did Bush make that up to support a cause for killing Saddam?


So US didn't really give a single crap about the people dying there but they cared about the oil only? Kids, adults, teenagers, babies, and elder are killed in Cuba.

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    Now we compare Cubas Castro to Saddams Iraq while mentioning people killed all in the same litttle statement.

    For one thing Castros' Cuba and its history from Castros time is a completly domestic revolution, done by Cubans, in the over throw of Dictator Batista, American Agricultural interest, American mafia, backed by American arms sales, in order to get rid of its completly corrupt government.

    Castro was a populist and in Americanese populist is a communist, so we immediatley took the same corrupt individualsd and tried to invade Cuba to reinstall what at that time was the most corrupt nation below the Mexican border and in Carribean,

    over 100 times in fact,We tried to assasinate Castro, the leader of a nation backed by majority at that time from setting up a governetn that would be a model today of Canadas' system minus a queen.

    We supported a terrorist organization that blew up a civilian airliner and today that groups leader lives in US and we refuse to extradite him for that crime as required by our signing of Terorism in Air Traffic Treaty we instigated.

    It is much too long for this space to fully put in and after over 50 years of propaganda and lies by US education can not be undone and only today has the sealed paper work coming out, 50 year secrecy laws,and even there parts have been reclassified. Why?

    Details in just how corrupt the Miami based Cuban resistance was and how we used them, and they us, with their connections to the mafia to overthrow latin americannations and the corruption of hundreds of millions of dollars stolen by that Miami group.

    No connecting Saddam and Castro in same group is way out of picture.

    I personally knew the nanny to Batistas kids both in Cuba and Florida after he was evicted from Cuba and by her words know some of real situation and lived during press coverage of early Castros' Cuban support by the American people.I still have political cartoon depicting a bearded Cuban revolutionary in a gun store buying 30/30 rifles, with the caption, 20 rifles? Must be a large hunting party.

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    Ever heard of the Bay of Pigs?the U. S. did attempt,and failed.a greater advantageous question is,why have the Cuban human beings allowed this murderer to stay in capacity so long.this is too late now besides Castro is especially a lot beside the point to something of the international now.base line,the U. S. and uk can't rid the international of dictators.the international has to help.that isn't take place, by using ways.

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    Ever heard of the Bay of Pigs?The US did try,and failed.A better question is,why have the Cuban people allowed this murderer to stay in power so long.It's too late now anyway Castro is pretty much irrelevant to the rest of the world now.Bottom line,the US and UK can't rid the world of dictators.The world has to help.That won't happen, by the way.

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    The US did not try and convict Saddam. Iraq did that. Cubans are too oppressed and do not have any governing bodies to take the task on.

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    I think you need a history lesson. The U.S made/supported several attempts to overthrow or assissinate Castro inthe1950's and 60's.

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    Did Cuba INVADE Kuwait ? NOPE.. .. SADDAM DID !!

    Did Cuba INVADE IRAN ? NOPE. .. .SADDAM DID !!!


    Did Cuba Threaten to INVADE Saudi Arabia ? NOPE.. . SADDAM DID !!!

    And you NEED to UNDERSTAND that OIL is NOT JUST OIL !!!

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    We had our chance. Kennedy blew it. We'll probably just wait until he dies now.

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    iraq has oil im making profit from haliburton

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    no oil

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