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Samsung Digimax S500 camera will not power on.?

Replaced AA alkaline batteries. Double-checked they are inserted properly. When powering on camera it beeps 3 times and turns off.

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    Some digital cameras won't even turn on with normal alkaline batteries. Today's digital cameras need A LOT of energy. Try a high energy Lithium battery (Energizer or Duracell make them). I would suggest picking up a set of rechargeable (NiMH) batteries, otherwise you'll spend a small fortune in disposable batteries.

    If that doesn't work, take it back to where you bought it. I still think that the batteries are the culprit.

    See the link for a great set of high energy rechargeables.

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    Since you admitted you were using alkaline batterys, dont be suprised if the "New" batterys you replaced the old ones with were low on power. If you continue to use alkaline batterys one of the biggest mistakes users make is to mix batterys, this is not a good practice. I think you should invest in some rechargeable AA batterys, in the meantime, I bet if you get a voltage meter and check the batterys in your camera, they are TOO LOW to power the camera. Digital cameras eat up alkaline batterys like there is no tommorrow. MAKE POSTIVELY SURE the batterys in your camera have voltage, using a voltage meter to be absolutely sure on the battery issue.

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    I actually have a digital camera that does a similar difficulty i forgot what sort even inspite of the shown fact that it became an costly one... some one advised me that it became as a results of fact i positioned the batteries the incorrect way the 1st time so it messed all of it up... i think sorry approximately not returning it as a results of fact its nevertheless a similar way...

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    I would bet there is a problem with the Lens (although I can't say for sure). Try to listen and see if the lens makes a sound when you turn it on. If it sounds like its trying to do something, but nothing happens then this is likely your problem.

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    check the battery

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