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Looking for a cool new haircut~!?

I'm asian (Filipino) female and has a long naturally straight hair. I'm looking for a new haircut (preferably Japanes or Korean) that would shed off too much of the length. And I also want to keep it straight... I've searched and came up across to a couple of good ones, but most are curly and well, risky... I mean, too much hair is lost. T_T

I last changed my hair last year, and I'm making it a point to yearly change my cut. So, before school's back, I'd want my hair to change... :P My current hair is similar to BoA's current hairstyle... (Winter Love style) ~not that burnt though and the short one's a bit longer~

I really need your help!

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    highlights would be a good idea and a strong statement of individuality. i would highly recommend it if you want to achieve that i-change-my-hairstyle-every-year look.

    the hottest trend is the 'bob' now. but i don't think it will last long. and at shoulder length, it's not so attractive anymore.

    my advise is, go with the layers, side fringes (they never run out of style), either fringe flat down the forehead or up. for extra umph!, go for different hair color.

    keep chic!!

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    well i might wanted a brown hair with highlights aboat to my shoulders and i would braid it and but like certain hair stuff in it and stuff but you im not sure your perfect the way you are but you need help so i would not do black hair or anything others it would have to be blond then becasue you have brown hair all ready so blond with highlights and aboat as long as your shoulders to your soulders and it would be pretty if you did it maybe in a bun something like your hair up some how or do braids and but that in a pony tail and some hanging out that would look cool well anyway good luck!!!!!!!!!=)!!!!!!!!!

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    Layers may well be solid simply by fact they are verstile The lenth could desire to be shoulder lenth and you will variety it with a curling iron for non everlasting soft curls or you are able to in simple terms placed on your hair directly

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