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Web Forms?


How do many sites recieve forms? Like if we create an email account at yahoo then there is a form. What happens to the info we type? Where does it go and How? How to implement them? how to make them reach me?

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    Websites receive forms using POST or GET method. For example, when I type a search query into a Google search form and click "Search", my query will be sent to a page which processes the data, thus delivering my search results.

    From you question, I assume that you want to create a website form that will enable your visitors to contact you. The easiest way without any programming is to use the following free service:

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    In case of mailing u will be provided space when u create account on any site. Other than mailing the information will be stored in database or xml only

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    web worms basically attack web page with XSS vulnerability or php page include vulnerability.Some web worm just deface or steal cookie from the page.Some might implant a javascript key logger.

    Ever heard of myspace worm?

    It exploit the html tag in profile section,making everyone add SAM as their friend.

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