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Help Me!how to bypass validation for Internet Explorer 7????

And it is a GUNUINE windows and i keep pressing the button to validate but cannot.Help me and please give me good answers!!!


I want to install it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    You probably haven't allowed ActiveX controls for that page.

    Instead, follow the the prompts on whichever web page you are looking at to download the desktop Windows Genuine Advantage software. Once downloaded, run the software. Copy and paste the code into the box on the webpage.

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    Also, the latest downloader (3.1) needs to be installed.

    Visit Microsoft's Auto Updater.

    Allow your Web Browser to TRUST:

    <any URL related to a genuine microsft page>

    Things should sort out, just follow the instructions...

  • 4 years ago

    attempt to enhance your information superhighway Explorer to information superhighway Explorer 7 from Yahoo. The Yahoo website have an IE7 acquire. I remebered setting up IE7 this form, and not in any respect encountered any validation verify. try it via utilising the url link below.

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