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Adoption Help.?

Ok you see I have four Waisi ( children ) Three girls one boy. Me and my husband, Dei are very concerned about this. Our son, Jiongha has no one to play or talk to but Dei and he is always out working. Now Jiongha is so mad that he won't eat, bathe, come out of his room, etc.We've tried everything, inviteing new - boy- friends over for him to play with new toys having Dei take days off now I'm really concerned. Jiongha said he'd rather live in an orfanage home then with three sister and one girl mother. I think it's the best for him. Am I doing the right thing for him?

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    Hold old is he? Is he home schooled? I'm just wondering if he has the chance to get away and just be himself. Try enrolling him in public school, or some fun boy sports. Karate, soccor, football, basketball, these are all things boys really enjoy.

  • There is no way i would give my child up for adoption but this is about you and you need to make the right decision. Parenting is hard and sometimes you have to work through it instead of throwing in the towel and giving up.

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    I would not adopt him out or even send him aways i would get him involved in boy activities and have friends and family that are male hang out with him he should be fine try to figure out why he is so against women

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    are you talking about giving him up or about adopting a boy

    well do not give up your baby

    adopt if you want to

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