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Do you know how foreigners see USA and it's citizens?

If you dont, I gonna tell you: foreigners thinks that you are all fat, you eat MacDonalds, pizzas and Coca-Cola everyday on every minute. They thinks that you LOVES guns (totally forbidden in European Countries) and use it on black people, you dont know anything about other countries, and they thinks you are scared by everything external of USA, you never travels outside of USA And you believe too much in medias (specially Fox News). What do you think about? Do you thinks other countries are right?


I went 4 times in USA, and I know this is not "really" true, but basics foreigner think this. I just want to know if you agree :)

Update 2:

I know what americans thinks about french: smokers, bad drivers, cheese eater, wearing a beret everyday, we drink wine at 12years old etc... But french people didnt know it, so I would like to know if you know that. Dont worry, I like americans :)

Update 3:

@justgoodflok's: yes, you are right, and french people becomes more and more stupid with foreigners, it is sad

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    I’m a United States citizen and I have lived outside of the USA for many years in different countries. Foreign people feel that we are very rich, but they don’t understand that Americans live on credit. In most impoverished countries they do not have the concept of credit, they only understand cash.

    They are appalled by the senseless violence in America. They don’t understand shooting people for no reason. Usually if a crime is committed in another country there’s a good reason for it.

    Americans take for granted having electricity and water at their disposal anytime they need it. Whereas in other countries these items are not always available, sometimes for a great deal of time. So other countries don’t understand our waste of electricity and water.

    Dining out is more of a luxury in other countries and not used three times a day. Many Americans eat their meals at fast food restaurants three times a day. It’s getting to where very few Americans cook their own meals compared to 50 years ago. In other countries people tend to eat at home more often than going out to eat.

    And no they don’t rely upon Fox news as their resource for America. There are many different media’s outside of the United States to reference. You actually get many different perspectives on the world news outside of the United States.

    Many people in different countries love Americans and in other countries they see us as materialistic and military operated.

    The perspective lies in the different countries and their interaction with Americans. Americans need to be patient and understanding with people when they travel outside of the USA and realize there’s a great deal of cultural differences.

    I like the more relaxed atmosphere outside of the United States. American citizens do not realize how much pressure they live under everyday.

    Many senior citizens are retiring outside of the United States because they can’t afford the cost of living. America is a rich country that does not help its own citizens.

    I hope this helps you.


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    As a US citizen, I agree that our country is suffering from an epidemic of obesity. Even though our country is a fairly young country, many of our citizens know very little factual information about the history of the US. Therefore, it is not surprising that they would not know much about other countries. However, I believe that most of your 'opinions' are simply stereotypes. Yes, there are some Americans that your description would fit. However, there are also those of us who eat healthy, exercise, have challenging careers, raise our children to be appreciative of what they have and to respect others. I don't own a single gun (never have and never will). I often travel to other countries and enjoy learning about the culture and traditions of other nationalities.

    So to answer your question, look around you...every culture, race, country, and religion consists of those who are active, productive, knowledgeable people as well as those who are lazy, uneducated, or a tax on society (not just the USA).

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    Hhahahahahahaha,you forget to mention a lot of Europeans are fat eat MacDonald's, pizzas and Coca-Cola everyday on every minute and prefer to watch their soap opera instead of the news.

    Generalizations like this are pointless and I'm mainly here to defend the position not all Europeans think like this

    People are individuals.Met a lot of balanced intelligent,well informed Americans and superficial shallow Europeans.

    Stereotypes are good for cartoons,this is the real world.Nothing is black and white

    Source(s): I'm European
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    Hey, thanks for the information. I have traveled in Europe and have found most people kind and eager to visit the US. It's always fun to categorize one group as being a lot of negative things, but if you interacted with a lot of US citizens you'd find a huge difference in what they eat, think and know. The fact that you make statements like the above shows that maybe foreigners pay too much attention to their media and haven't travelled enough out of their own territories.

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    Is there a point to this at all or do you just trying to make yourself feel better about not living in the US?

    Sorry but I dont really care what other countries think about US citizens.

    Edit: Well if you know it is not true, why would you ask what we think? We know that is what some people in other countries.

    As long as I know that I myself am not that stereo type that is all I can do.

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    When I received filthy language from a lady from Boston,(Conflict of Cultural Behavior was the subject) I was shocked because I or any of my big family members never use such words. When I posed query, I got reply from Americans that they are very out spoken (!), Thank God. to surprise I never received regret from any of the Americans who attended for my grievances.

    It was their nature , I think so, if faulty I regret now itself.

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    I hope they do think we all have guns. That's what kept USSR from starting a war with us. They think we are all gun crazed wackos, I couldn't care less. They hate us so why would we want to travel there, they would just be rude.

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    Sounds like the foreigners are jealous that they do not live in the best place place on this Earth.

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    Boo Hoo Hoo, some guy that sticks up for jihadis in France doesn't like me....

    Guess what, we dont like you either.

    Everything you are saying is a slogan of the anti-Americans.

    We have heard them all before.

    Get an original thought.

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