Why did all of these people fill Bush's head up with the idea Iraq had WMDS?


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  • 1 decade ago
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    The intelligence was clearly false. The WMDs that were found were not what we were led to believe Iraq had.

    Hillary Clintons statement was made two days after 9-11 you have to think back to the thinking of that time. Everyone was united and ready to get those who had done this to us. It would have been unheard of to disagree with what Bush and his adminstration was saying.

    As far as Kerry well he is an idiot and he was trying to pander to the people to stir up a voting base. Great job he did with that by the way.

    I mean when you have the CIA finessing intelligence to say that Iraq has WMDs of course everyone is going to think they have WMD's.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    You have it wrong. Bush II had that crap made up to justify his invasion.. He stated more than once in his election campaign in 2000 that he would remove Saddam from prower, "because he tried to kill my daddy!" --that quote is available out on the web. He used 9/11 as a ruse to go into Iraq, bloodthirsty americans wanted revenge (so christian-like as a nation, right!) so the congress went along because it was popular. In actuality, we had partitioned Iraq into a north and south no-fly zone for 10 years, and had bombed their military resources into shambles, we knew they had no military power, if I can see my cars in my driveway on google satellite, we can damn well see tanks and planes on the ground in Iraq with high quality satellite imagery.

    Saddam also was against al-quida, and did not allow them to operate in his country. Everyone in power in the US: our military leaders, congressional leaders, intelligence--all knew there were no WMD, there was no connection between Iraq and 9/11, but because of our football-crazed american lust for revenge, they all meekly did what Bush II asked. We really need a watergate-level investigation as to why our leaders invaded another nation, not Saudi Arabia, who blatantly funded Al Quada.

  • Bob D
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    1 decade ago

    No one had to fill his head up with the idea, the U.S. supplied Saddam with WMD's while he was an ally in the fight against Iran back in the early 80's. Only problem with that logic is that Saddam used most if not all of them against his own people and by the time of the invasion, they were gone.

  • 1 decade ago

    I am a Republican, and I will tell you and others who continue to post this or similar links...SO WHAT?

    Just because those Democrats were wrong does not make Bush right. No wonder we lost November 7 the Republicans that I use to have faith in has been high jacked by the neocons, that's what we need to be concerned about.

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