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what happens in indian wedding?

describe something about indian wedding you have attended

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    If you are asking about an Indian wedding as in from India lol (that’s the only way I could think of saying it lol) when I have an answer I have been to one well two. Well just to let you know in Indian they have different types of wedding depending on what you practice and where you live…I have been to Hindu weddings


    A Hindu wedding last usually three days but can be longer depending on what is celebrated. These are how the weddings I went to where like:

    Day one there is a Menhdi Ceremony, were henna is applied to the bride hands and feet and hands of the women attending the wedding.

    Day two there is a ceremony in the morning, where the bride and groom pray and do puja (worship) to the gods for a good and happy wedding and marriage. In the evening there will be a graba which is a clap dance and raas which is a stick dance. These are sooooo much fun!

    Day three was the wedding and reception day. In the morning was the wedding. The bride, groom and their parents will sit around a holy fire and priest will say holy prayers. You can say this part it a little like the Indian vows lol. The couple will be join together by a cloth and they will walk around an holy fire four times and then walk the seven sacred steps, each step representing something different and then exchanging flower garlands.

    There are many other part that will be done like the groom will apply red powder to the brides part in her hair and will also give her a necklace. All of this and many other steps symbolize something.

    The reception will be held at night and it will be like a normal American reception but there might be bhangra a type of Punjab Indian dance, it is really fun, loud and crazy lol.

    I listed websites that will tell you a little bit more:

    There more websites just look them up

    Hope that Helped

    These two wedding I went to were the BEST EVER. I love Hindu weddings! The clothing is BEAUITFUL and the food and music and great but the most important thing it that Indian weddings are likes celebrations and the joining of not only two people but two families!

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    Indian wedding last, almost in three days, but sometimes it may be longer depending on the culture or tradition. Indian wedding also known as traditional wedding. On the first day there will be a Mehndi ceremony, then the next day it is a wedding day, on this day The bride, groom and their parents will sit around a holy fire and the priest will say holy prayers. and the third day there will be a reception.

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    Indian wedding party is popular and most interesting. You can see too colorful arrangement. It is so fun and enjoyable also. You can see arrangement of the wedding jewelry and gifts from the bride or groom’s family. During the marriage ceremony they provide tea, snacks, sweets and foods etc to the guest. It is the time to get together and start gossip among the relatives, friends and other guests. The marriage process completed by many rituals which is follow from vedic culture and every Indian followed it. Really it is enjoyable to watch Indian wedding ceremony.

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    Are you asking about an American native Indian or a wedding that takes place in India?

    I have been to a native wedding, but not to the other type.

    The native wedding is a very nice one, but you can not take pictures during the ceremony. All that is expected of you is just too sit there and watch. If you bring a gift it should be for their home.

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    They exchange garlands - jaymala. Then, the priest says some prayers and they sit around the fire (the bride and groom along with both sets of parents). Then, they walk around the fire 7 times joined together by a cloth. Then, the groom applies sindhoor to the girl's part in her hair and puts a mangal suther on her (a necklace symbolizing that she is married).

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    Not all weddings need be that way! Look at this Indian wedding -

    Beats everything out of the park :)

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    I bet a man and woman get married!

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    two people get married.......duh

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