Help!! i have 2 hours to plan a suprise party!!! what should i do!!!?

i want to make it quick, for my dad, and ive got a few materials (i.e. balloons, cards, so-on-so-fourth) PLEASE HURRY!!!!

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    1. buy decorations (oarty city)

    2. games -

    3.go to the supermarket and get pre-made platters of food

    4. go out and get an appropriate gift

    5. Find one at

    6. call over a friend or two to help you

    7. GOOD LUCK

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    You should probably have some kind of mix in your pantry like brownies, cupcake or cake mix. If not and you have the money/transportation, you can go to the grocery store and buy a sheet cake. Call ahead and they can write "Happy B-day" or some other personalized message. Sometimes, they'll write on the cake while you wait if they're not too busy. You know.... no matter what you do or how cheesy the decorations may be.... your dad will be happy no matter what! Pick out some of his favorite songs and make him a CD that you can play at the party. Also, get your family and relatives to come. You can also invite some of your closest friends who know your dad. Good luck and Happy Birthday to him!

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    Decorate the house with streamers and balloons. Make Happy Birthday Dad signs and put them up. Pick up a cake and ice cream from the store and maybe some snack foods (chips, pretzels) and drinks.

    Then, enjoy the party!

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    Get some friends and tell them to call all the people invited. Then get the decorations done with the help of some other friends . LAstly make sure you have your party out fit make ssure the cake is there and enjoy the party

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    First remember that you, your family and friends are the party.

    Your number one priority it to call them up and invite them over.

    You should ask each one to stop by the local grocery store and pick up an item for the number of invitees who will attend.

    For those who think they can snap up a hot dish in one hour let them have at it.

    Here is a basic shopping list of party must haves.

    Cake, Cakes and more Cake

    Ice cream/sherbet

    Chips and dip


    Fruit/cheese/vegetable platters - Get the ready-made platters sold at large food markets

    Shrimp, and Shrimp Cocktail. Precooked

    Pizza - Delivery

    Drinks, Drinks and more Drinks

    Ice, Ice and more Ice

    Coffee and tea



    Plates and cups

    Bottles of Bubbly

    Big bottle coolers

    Punch bowls and ladle

    Now that the food items are delegated it's time to decorate.

    Decorations list

    Poster board




    Large Stick on Letters (at least two packs) and Stars


    Balloons, Balloons and more Balloons

    Long drywall screws and electric or battery powered hand drill or Phillips screwdriver.

    Heavy-duty transparent box tape

    Box of glitter confetti

    One big banner, balloons and streamers will do.

    Run down to the local food market or drug store and grab balloons, streamers and 3 sheets of poster board. Get a large magic marker and glitter. Look for metallic stick on letters and stars and get back home ASAP.

    Staple your poster board together length-wise.

    Poke holes on the side by the upper corners leaving one full inch of space. Decide on message for your banner and begin placing letters on the board decorate with stars and glitter.

    Cut three to four feet of string and put string through holes on each upper end of banner.

    Run screws into drywall as close to the ceiling as possible leaving half inch of screw exposed. Hang banner tying string to screws in wall.

    Tie balloons to six feet of string in grape cluster formation. Hang string from ceiling or tape to wall using box tape.

    Runs streamers from ceiling. Toss glitter confetti about.

    Have some guests arrive at least 45 minutes early to help with decor and set up food table and drinks.

    Boom! Your ready!

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    Supplies-supplies-supplies. Run to your nearest dollar store and stock up on party favorites like balloons etc.... Make a couple phone calls to invite a few friends and viola, you have a party.

    Good luck!

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    get a keg some food and a cake then turn on a football game

    you might wanna invite a few of his friends too

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    Tell certain people to bring selected foods etc.This saves you from having to spend time cooking.Buy cake from supermarket bakery{they can do wonders} Make it pot luck "KISS"{KEEP IT SIMPLE STUPID} Make a nice spiked punch,and your ready!

    Guest can always surprise at door after he arrives if they have to!

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    get your mom to talk him shopping or somthing and call all his close friends and tell them whats going on then go pick up sum ppizza's and drinks and chips and a present and everything should be fine when you mom brings him home every one yell SUPRISE!!! hope this helps!!

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