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GUYS & GIRLS: best gift for your girlfriend/boyfriend would be...?

What was the best gift you gave to your partner or received from him/her?

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    something that they will actually use...the best gifts ive gotten are SOCKS, MP3 PLAYER, IPOD, CELL PHONE, MONEY, BLANK CDS, PILLOWS...generally just things that the person you're buying for will not only shows them that you know them well enough to know wut they need to use but it will save them money

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    THe best gift i have ever received was when my boyfriend/father of our baby girl told me he loved me. Crazy I know but all throughout our rocky relationship he said he wouldnt say it until he 100% meant it and was ready for a life long commitment. We have been married for 13yrs now. He has said that the best gift i have given him was our 3 beautiful children. Yuck yuck mushy mushy but i am a girl you know.

    Material gifts were a first edition book I had always cherrished as a young adult that he found on ebay. Awesome gift.

    I also bought him some collectors items for his Star Trek collection. I guess these gifts are special because they are so rare and so special to each of us. THat is the key to gift giving. Not neccesarily the price of the gift but what makes it memorable is what counts. A special place and memory will last a life time.

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