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my puppy has diarhea where can i buy plantaeris?

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    I'm not sure what plantaeris is but diarrhea in puppies is often caused by intestinal parasites. (often coccidia) Take him to the vet and bring a stool sample. They'll tell you what he has if anything and give you the appropriate medication. It could be dietary indiscretion too. What are you feeding him? Did he get into the garbage or anything?

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    Fist of all why does the puppy have diarrhea? It could be a change of food, a low quality food, people food or it could have a parasite or maybe even parvo. I would get a stool sample done at your vets to rule out the parvo or parasite and then go from there. Also maybe try bland food for a while until you find out. Boiled chicken and rice or chicken noodle soup. Science diet makes a food called i/d for stomach and intestinal problems but you need a rx for it.

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    Before you try and medicines or fancy stuff, try white rice. Any chinese rest. It works like a charm in 1 to 2 days.

    It also seems to help when puppy is constipated.

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    Thumbs up to white rice. I mix it with cooked, unseasoned hamburger and it works great.

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    go to the pet store and ask if they have any if they dont ask where they are at and if you still dont find them make your dog stay out side

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