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can u help me out plz....?

i'm a gal of 17...

my prob is dat i've urinary infection and i cant even talk about this to my parents cuz they dont know i have sexual intercourse with my boyfriend. can someone can me what antibiotics i should use. i need onbe which can be obtained with any prescribtion... thanx...

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    Don't self diagnose. How do you know it is not STD? How can you be sure? Go to a doc. - get it tested. Based on the results of the tests, he will prescribe something.

    If you do not want to involve your family doc, then there are free clinics in your area. Google it, yellow pages or just pick up and ask the social service agency in your area. They will do the test for free and even give you antibiotics for free. No one will know. It is completely private.

    The free clinic will ask your family doctor's name and #. In case it is something serious, they are obligated to report to your doctor.

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    if u have a urinary track in fection that doesn't necessarily mean u got it from sex.. and u don't need antibiotics to take care of it.. drink lots of cranberry juice and water to flush out the urinary track and u should be fine.. but seriously talk to your parents about it u could get a urinary track infection for several reasons.. if u hate the taste of cranberry juice they sell cranberry pills in the vitamin asile of most stores

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