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Do famous people die in threes?

For instance: James Brown, Gerald Ford and Saddam Hussein.

Okay, it's probably hokum, I know -- selective vision and all that. But still, once you have the concept in mind, it's hard not to start looking for the next 'triple' among celebrity deaths. Watch for it. You'll see.


Hey Beelzebob (uber-cool name btw) - I never said the death of non-famous people was unimportant. Au contraire. The death of non-famous people is what real life is all about (well, to a significant degree); famous deaths are just about media idiocy. But most people are aware of media idiocy much more than real life -- and famous deaths are reported very heavily. It just seems they come in threes. Weird, but not all this significant, in terms of real life.

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    No. Important people die every day. Just becasue they aren't famous doens't make their death any less significant.

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    well-known all and sundry is often dying, merely lik something persons. Get genuine with this, "they continually are available in threes" crap! there have been no much less then 40 5 well-known human beings die interior the previous 365 days!

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    It des seem like that, and I would have to agree with the supposition

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    get a life

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    it possible

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