how can we install a bath in a small space?on a slab?

we have limited space to work with but need another bath. We have a room that is built on a slab foundation and would like to install the smallest bath that we can. Is there a stool that does not have to have a drop from the bottom? Do they make one that goes through the wall? Our adjoining room has a crawl spacel, 3 blocks high.

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    as a carpenter myself i have an idea for you, you can build a bath in such a situation. if your looking to build a stall thats easy...... you have to build up the foundation. kind of like putting it on a pedistal or imagine a deck. basically you'd frame a box the size of the stall or tub you are installing so that so you can place it upon and then you can run your drain down through the framing and through the wall.the plumbing can be a tricky issue but definately achievable. ive seen this done in basements and on slabs. good luck!

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    Going through a wall for sewage might work if you set the stool on a platform, with enough drop and trap under the platform, and can tap into the existing sewage line within the house.

    Maybe one step may be needed. No idea.

    If this would work, allow a removable section or side on the platform for access to the trap. Use at least 3/4" exterior plywood.

    You could tile the platform.

    A small pedestal sink and a stool can be placed in a 4' X 4' space. The door should clear any obstructions and one can turn around. A 30" door should be ample.

    Hoime DePo can help you design this on computer. Be sure to have a rough drawing of the area and door location, with accurate dimensions, and location of drains and plumbing.

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