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How repressed does a person have to be....?

To feel it necessary to have a perfectly natural question removed from this category?

This is "men's health." Any question relating to our bodies and minds should be acceptable and reasonable.

Apparently, there are those out there who feel that information is wrong and dangerous. No doubt they'll remove this question, too.

I bet they don't have the courage to reveal themselves.


Thanks to the "first responders" on this. To answer your questions, no, I did not use any "improper" language; the question was about "edging."

And as far as Yahoo's growing pains, getting an actual intelligent human response from Yahoo abuse is....well...don't hold your breath.

And....there are people lurking around here in Answers that have nothing better to do with their lives than try to restrict knowledge and information. "Ward and June Cleavers" I call them.

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    Makes no sense to me either. I responded to a woman on the religion track, she stated in her message she was tired of reporting people for "bad" answers. I of course told her she had problems if she felt she needed to "tell" on people for not agreeing with her. Also bothers me that so many girls and women will answer some of the mens sexual health questiions, which they can only answer from hearsay, not actual personal experience like guys can.

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    Not sure what question was removed or why. Perhaps it involved improper language (since there are underage people here). I don't know. Just a thought.

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    yahoo answers is still going through some growing pains. Did you ask them and if you did, do they ever reply?

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