how do i get my chocolate chip cookies soft?

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    Sit on it.


    Take it and think of better things to do with your time!

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    Overbaking is a common problem. However, so is overmixing. Make sure you use quality ingredients- if you're using chilled premade cookie mix, make sure you use it straight out of the refrigerator. Refrigerate the leftovers while you're waiting to bake them. Don't drop cookie dough on a warm cookie sheet, it starts the baking process and you end up with tough cookies.

    other tips:

    To soften hard dry cookies put the in a sealed container with a piece of bread or apple.

    If you're like me, you want results instantly! Put cookies (uncovered) in microwave along with a mug of uncovered hot water. Uselow heat setting for several minutes; check after a minute or so. Time depends on amount of cookies.

    I have had very good results when I put a chunk or two of apples in the cookie storage container. It's quick and easy. I don't wait until they get hard; if it's a recipe that I want to stay moist I just add the apple when I take the cookies out of the oven and first store them.

    If your stored cookies have gotten too crisp for your liking, put them in a plastic bagwith a piece of fresh bread. The next day you will have soft cookies again.

  • Look at the recommended time to bake them and set the time for at least 5 min lower than the lowest recommended time. Once the timer has gone off open the oven and slighty press down on one cookie if it's too mkushy let sit for anouther 2 to 3 min, then pull the cookies out and let them cool. It may take a couple of tries to get your cookies to the exact softness you want. but as they say practice makes perfect.

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    IF you want them to be soft then you have to make the batter thicker and creamier. Put 1 and a 1/2 round tablespoons of batter on to the tray. Make them about 1-2 inches apart. them put them in the oven at the temp. required. Take them out of the oven 1-2 minutes before required. put a toothpick in one and make sure that it is soft enough to swallow a piece whole without choking or chewing (don't actually try swallowing whole). They should be soft in no time! All you need is to take a little bit more out of your time than usual.


    I hope your cookies turn out the way you want them no matter how you make them,


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    Cook them a minute or two less than recipe calls for....But to insure you have a moist, chewy cookie...try this trick.....

    When you take the cookie sheet from the oven.....tap in lightly a couple of times of the counter top.....This causes the air in the cookies to escape a bit.....When the cookies are cooled with the air in them....this makes them crunchy and crisp....but if you try this tapping causes a chewy, softer cookie.....and be sure to store leftover in airtight container.

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    I have found that if I add 1/2 cup of milk to my recipe and take them out of the oven a couple of minutes sooner, they stay soft. They are a crowd pleaser.

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    Add just a little liquid, or something like apple sauce, it adds a very nice touch, and makes extremely nice and soft cookies. about 3-4 tablespoons should do it.

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    Stick a slice of bread in the container with them and they'll stay soft til they're gone.

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    Put them in a ziploc bag and leave a piece of bread in it. The cookies will soften.

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    In general, using butter in cookies will make them crispy, unless you under cook them. Shortening will make them soft. Try butter flavored shortening.

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    Take them out of the oven after about only 8 minutes - before they start to brown.

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