What is the quickest route from Texas to Wyoming?

We are moving from Corpus Christi,Texas to Rock Springs, Wyoming. We will be traveling with 2 sons and a puppy. Therefore, I need the shortest route with lots of rest stops.

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    You are already on Yahoo so go to maps and ask for a map from CC to Rock Springs.

    There isn't a quick route with lots of rest stops. You will have about 650 miles just to get out of Texas.

    Go through San Antonio to up to Aveline, then to Childress. Hit 287 and go to Amarillo. Plan on spending the night there because once you leave Amarillo there isn't a decent place to stay until you get to Raton, N.M. From Amarillo go to Dumas then to dalhart and Clayton N. M. . At Clayton you will cut north again to Raton, Trinidad, up to Denver. From Denver to Casper Wy. then west to Rock Springs. From Denver to Casper not many stops and from Casper to RS nothing. Trip with the kids, stopping to eat etc. will take 30 + Hrs. about 1500 miles.

    Drive careful, be sure to stop when feeling tired. Hwy from San Antonio to Raton is almost all 2 lane so be careful.

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    I grew up in Rock Springs! That's weird... and why would you want to move there?? lol I think there are about 15,000 people in the whole town.

    I-80 goes right through Rock Springs, and you will have to take 25 to get to 80 from TX. There are a lot of long stretches between cities on 80, so there are lots of rest stops along the way.

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    Route #41.

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    a straight line.

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