is it totally over?

i met this guy 3 months ago through a mutual friend. He said he just ended a relationship and didnt want to get in another one and just wanted some fun. So we basically became fb, but then it turned into more bcoz he wanted to go out shopping with me, and he would hold my hand and kiss my forehead and want me to stay over his house, and i met his brother and sister. i never pushed us to be bf/gf i never even mentioned it, i was just happy to be with him, even tho i was developing feelings for him. After 3 months he ends things bcoz he says that feelings are developing and he just wants to have fun in his life, and he doesnt want these feelings. do u think its over...or should i be expecting a call in a few months?

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    its probably over for the most part...definitely no more shopping and may get a call every now and then for some "fun" and maybe even a call in a few months that hes grown up and wants a relationship but not for a while...hes realize wut he lost

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    I think it sounds like he just needs some "space", which is generally a nice way to say it's over....but I am not sure in this case, you said he had JUST broken up with his girl, he should not have been all kissy with you and stuff till he had already taken the space and time to get over her before moving on...seems like he is going in reverse order!!!!!

    I think if you just give em time and space he may be back. Sounds like you got on well together.

    Till then, have fun with other people and leave yourself open to new guys, you can't wait around for him to come around...enjoy your life, if he calls he does, if ihe doesn't he doesn't. This won't kill you I sound way to sweet to stay home and wait....good luck to you.

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    aw, that really sad. u know he is starting to love you...sooo if you start hanging around him and telling him how cute or whatever he is....he is bound to start something. Also, think about it....everybody that says they just want to have fun always ends up married with children in a couple of´s just a phase...nobody stays parting forever.

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    sounds like he just needs some time of his own. i'm sure he'll be calling you again.

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  • 1 decade ago

    u should be geting a call. GOOD LUCK!!!

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